We have been established and based in Hong Kong since 1994, specializing in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting freshwater pearls. We select top grade pearls from pearl farms in China, where we have a factory to carry out all bleaching, drilling and stringing procedures. The pearls are delivered straight to our office in Hong Kong with no middleman involved. We offer a wide range of freshwater pearls with different sorts of sizes, shapes and colors including but not limited to Round Drop, Button, Baroque, Potato, Rice, Coin, Keshi, and Biwa, in both loose and temporarily strung style.








We are also actively engaged in the production of pearl jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc. Our talented designers can offer custom-made designs specially developed to suit your target markets.  We are devoted to provide high quality products at a competitive prices, flexible and courteous sales and after-sales services to customers' benefits. We value our business relationship and aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Sincerely, we look forward to having you as our business partner soon.